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Mindfulness Colouring: Two Free Printables

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Colouring is a wonderful calming mindfulness activity for both you and your little ones.

Free unicorn and rainbow mindfulness colouring page for children
Free unicorn + rainbow & flower mindfulness colouring page

Finding calm and mindful moments in-between all the daily responsibilities as a mother can be challenging at times. Colouring is a fantastic mindfulness activity, with benefits for both you and your child.

Miss 5 and I have been enjoying spending some time together colouring in a range of both colouring books, such as Bluey and others that are made for mindfulness for both kids and adults.

Colouring is a fantastic mindfulness activity, with benefits for both you and your child.

Colouring is a great way to spend some time together and encourages you to take a moment to stop too. I made the unicorn page for Miss 5, but she ended up choosing to colour the flower page like me. Sometimes we have our own page each, and other times we both colour on the one page together.

Free mindfulness colouring printable for children and adults
Mummy and me mindfulness time colouring together

Showing your child strategies for calming themselves and taking a moment out of the busyness of life, are important life skills for them to learn. Colouring in, if they enjoy it, is an activity that can easily be set up on a table for them with some pencils, crayons or textas. Some calming music playing quietly in the background can be relaxing too. Maybe you could even take these pages outside with a clipboard or book to lean on and spend some time in nature while you colour.

Download and print the colouring pages here:

Unicorn & Rainbows Colouring Freebie

Free Unicorn and rainbows mindfulness colouring page for kids

A fun colouring page filled with unicorns, rainbows, flowers and hearts.

Download your copy below:

Unicorn mindful coloring sheet
Download PDF • 153KB

Flower Colouring Freebie

A colouring page of flowers and leaves for some mindfulness time (for kids and adults too!).

Free mindfulness colouring page for kids and adults too. Flower themed

Download your copy below:

Mindful colouring flowers
Download PDF • 408KB

Enjoy your time colouring

I hope you enjoy taking a moment, either by yourself or with your child for some mindful and calming colouring.

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Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way xx

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Free mindfulness unicorn and rainbow colouring page for kids

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