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Terrific Toadstools: A Free Toadstool/Mushroom Colouring Page + Two Fun Craft Projects Too!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Read on for 2 fun DIY toadstool craft projects that you can make with your child for small world play + A free toadstool/mushroom mindfulness colouring page.

Free toadstool and mushroom colouring page for children. Table set up with Slow Down book, toadstools and fairy for children to play
Toadstool and mushroom invitation to paint

We love fun little craft projects in our house. Both Miss 6 and I really enjoy being creative and making little DIY toys and props to use for play. Today I am sharing two of these mini projects, both really easy and enjoyable too.

Keep reading to find out what we made and find out how to make your own. There is also a free printable included this week too!

* Important for safety - these play and craft ideas are recommended for ages 3+ as small parts are a choking hazard. All activities were supervised by an adult. We accompanied this activity with a discussion about how we never touch, pick or eat mushrooms or toadstools that we find out in nature as they can make us very sick. I would recommend doing this, as some mushrooms/toadstools are poisonous.

DIY Project 1: Mini Cork Toadstools

DIY craft project for kids - cork toadstools for small world play
Cute little DIY cork toadstools

This was a really fun and simple craft idea that is so easy to do. The best part is that the toadstools you make can be later used in small world play. This little project does require some patience, as the paint needs to dry between coats.

You will need:

  • Corks

  • Acrylic paint - red and white (or any colour you choose)

  • Paint brushes

  • Cotton tip buds (for easily making dots)

How to make the mini toadstools:

  1. First paint the whole cork with a coat of white acrylic paint and let it dry. You could do a second coat, if you want better coverage.

  2. Next use red acrylic paint (or your colour of choice) to paint the top of the toadstool and then let it dry again.

  3. Finally using white paint and some cotton tip buds, dip the tip of the bud into the white paint and use it to make dots on the top of the toadstool.

  4. Leave to dry and then use for small world play!

Reminder- not aiming for perfection: These aren't going to look perfectly dotted if your child helps to make them. The most important thing here is that you child is having fun, and enjoying the creative process. It will not matter to them if they don't look perfect and they are more likely to play with them when they made them themselves.

DIY Project 2: Toadstool Wood Slices

DIY wood slice toadstools. A craft project for kids and adults using paint pens and wood slices. Perfect for fairy small world play
Paint pens work well on wood slices to make little toadstools

This was another fun craft project, that you could make for your children or with them. Here I used some wood slices and paint markers to make toadstools. Miss 6 has made some painted wood slices of her own (not pictured). Our paint markers are Life Of Colour brand. Our toadstools were inspired by the Instagram account @thebeeskneesadelaide. This account has the most beautiful play and learning ideas, and is worth following, if you aren't already.

These wooden toadstools are really cute for small world play or for using with a dry sensory base.

Invitation to Paint

I set up our toadstool & mushroom colouring page with the book Slow Down by Rachel Williams and Freya Hartas. It is such a beautiful book and is wonderful addition to a home library, as it contains little stories about things in our wonderful world and nature. It is beautiful to read as a bedtime story - a few pages at a time. Here is a link to it on Booktopia (not an affliate link) and on Rata and Roo (where we bought our copy- not an affliate link).

The book page was about mushrooms and it also mentioned how toadstools are poisonous. Miss 6 liked looking at the book before she started painting.

Invitation to paint a toadstool themed colouring page. Art table for kids set up with Slow Down Book, toadstool trees, toadstool fairy and watercolour paint pallete.
An invitation to paint toadstools and mushrooms

The little toadstool fairy, Papoose toadstool trees and toadstool mushroom log were all bought online from The Small Folk. They are very cute and are used mostly for small world play.

Free printable mindfulness colouring page for children and adults - toadstool theme, painted with watercolour paints
Watercolour paints are a fun way to use this mindfulness colouring page.

I enlarged the toadstool & mushroom mindfulness page by printing it A3 size. It makes it easier to work with when using paints to colour it and for younger children as it isn't as intricate. Miss 6 enjoyed using her metallic watercolour paints again with this colouring page. Last week Miss 6 painted a butterfly mindfulness colouring page that you may be interested in.

Free Printable Toadstool & Mushroom Colouring Page

Free toadstool mindfulness colouring page for children and adults.
This page could be used for some mindfulness time for kids and adults too.

Download your free copy here:

Toadstool & Mushroom themed printable page for children and adults.

TOADSTOOL mindfulness colouring page final
Download PDF • 446KB

*Tip - only print page 2. The file is A4 size. You can enlarge to poster size or A3 if you would like a bigger print to work with.


Thank you for reading this blog post!

I hope you found some inspiration in today's blog post to use with your child/ren. We have had lots of fun making toadstools and think you might too!

I also hope you enjoy using the free printable.

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Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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Two toadstool themed DIY craft ideas for kids & a free toadstool and mushroom themed mindfulness colouring page


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