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Beautiful Butterfly Mindfulness Colouring Printable For Children & Adults Too - A Free Download

Updated: Apr 2

Invite your child (and yourself too!) to spend a few peaceful & mindful moments either colouring or painting with this free butterfly mindfulness page.

Free butterfly mindfulness colouring page printable for kids to colour or paint
A mindfulness printable with beautiful butterflies for kids and adults too!

Mindfulness colouring is such a calming activity for both kids and adults too! This butterfly mindfulness colouring for children is perfect for creating some relaxation time by either colouring or using art materials, such as watercolour paint.

An Invitation to Paint

The resources and printables that I make and share here on the blog are always made with my girls in mind, and I like to test them out before adding them here, as it makes sure that they can be successfully used to inspire creativity, play and learning in children.

Here I set up a little butterfly inspired invitation to create. I printed the butterfly mindfulness page on A3 paper to make it easier for Miss 5 to paint.

Free mindfulness printable page for kids, as an invitation to paint with watercolour paints for some quiet time
Setting up the butterfly page with some watercolours can invite your child to paint.

On the table I added in a book about butterflies, some mini butterfly figurines (from a Wild Republic Butterfly Nature Tube), a Collect A monarch butterfly figurine and some water colour paints. Water colour paints are an excellent choice, if you want your child to paint, without all the mess that comes with acrylic paints.

Miss 5 really liked this and sat down straight away to paint the butterflies with the paints. She chose to use the metallic paints, as they are her favourite at the moment and give a nice shimmer effect.

Free Butterfly mindfulness colouring for kids
Painting or colouring is very calming for kids and adults too!

Some other ideas for using this butterfly mindfulness colouring for children:

  • This page could be printed to use with colouring pencils, crayons or textas.

  • Print a copy for your child and yourself, to colour together.

  • Use for your own mindfulness time.

  • Put a copy onto a clipboard and take outside on a picnic rug, to enjoy colouring in, in the fresh air outside.

  • If you don't have an A3 printer, you can select poster print and print the design over multiple pages and then use sticky tape or glue to stick it together.

  • Go butterfly spotting outside. You could help your child draw the butterflies you see afterwards.

  • Pair this colouring page with a book about butterflies - e.g. The Big Book of Bugs, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Coco and the Butterfly etc.

There are many ways this could be used, and I'm sure that you could come up with many more.

Download your free copy here:

Free butterfly mindfulness printable page for kids and adults

Butterfly Mindfulness Printable Page FINAL
Download PDF • 532KB

I hope you enjoy using this free printable! For more free printables and ideas, make sure you subscribe to the email list at the bottom of this page.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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free butterfly mindfulness colouring printable for kids


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