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Mindfulness Mats for Kids

Updated: Mar 22

Easily print these designs and invite your child to have some mindfulness time, with many possibilities for play and creating.

Free printable mindfulness play mats for children to use with loose parts, such as Grapat mandala, nature items, gemstones.
Print and play in many ways for some fun mindfulness time for your child

Why mindful play?

Opportunities for playing and creating as a mindfulness activity are something that I am passionate about providing Miss 5 with as often as possible. She really enjoys creating and using her imagination, engaging deeply as she quietly plays and works.

These printable mindfulness mats for kids can be used in many different ways, let your child's creativity and imagination take the lead.

Printable Mindfulness Mats for Kids

Here are some ideas for how the printable mats might be used:

* Please ensure all play is supervised by an adult. These ideas are recommended for children ages 3+ as some contain small parts which are a choking hazard. Crystal chips are recommended for ages 5+. You know your child best as to whether these activities are suitable or not.

With paints

Watercolour paints are an easy way to set up painting for your children. Adding in the printable mindfulness mats can be a fun way to invite them to create and paint.

Free mindfulness play mats for cihldren used with watercolour paints for mindfulness time for kids
Watercolour paints and the heart termplate is a fun way to create

With Grapat mandala pieces

Use with a few different colours or the whole set. Any of the printable pages could be used with the mandala pieces. If you don't have any mandala pieces, other loose parts can be used too, such as buttons, beads, shells etc.

Grapat mandala pieces set up as an invitation to create with the rainbow kids printable mindfulness mats
An invitation to create using Grapat mandala

For collage or with dot markers

This was a creation by Miss 2 (craft time supervised by an adult). She enjoyed stamping the yellow and orange dot markers and using some collage pieces to stick to the paper.

Free Sun printable mindfulness mat for children using dot markers and collage materials for some mindful creating time.
Sun collage by Miss 2 using dot markers and cut up calendar pieces.

With loose parts from nature

Here we paired up the leaf printable mat in A3 and A4 size for Miss 5 to fill with leaves from our tree and some green pebbles for some mindful play.

Free Printable mindfulness mats for kids. The leaf mindfulness mat with loose parts including leaves and green stones for some mindful play
Loose parts, such as leaves are a free resource to use for some mindful play

With loose parts, such as crystal chips

Crystal chips are a fun loose parts for some mindful play. They are beautiful to look at with all the different colours, sizes and textures. They also make a great loose part to fill in these templates for some mindful play.

Crystal chips and free printable mindfulness play mats for children for mindfulness time
Crystal chips are beautiful loose parts for older children

Some other ideas for using these printable mindfulness mats:

  • Use with playdough - use in a reusable sleeve or laminate

  • Use with stamps

  • Use with textas, coloured pencils, crayons etc. for colouring

  • Use with a sensory play e.g. put in a container underneath rainbow rice, chickpeas etc.

  • Any other ideas you or your child may have...


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*UPDATE- the mindfulness mats have been updated and now include mindful prompts, colour versions and updated images.


I hope you found some inspiration today to support your children to create mindful moments to play and create. These mindful moments are so important for allowing them to slow down and feel calmer in such a busy world.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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Free printable mindfulness mats for kids - help your child with some mindfulness time


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