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Buzzy Bee Tracing and Cutting Free Printable

Updated: Apr 17

Let's work on developing fine motor skills with this fun bee printable!

Bee themed cutting and tracing fine motor printable pages for children.
Keep reading to find out how to download your free Buzzy Bee Tracing and Cutting pages.

Welcome to this week's blog post about developing fine motor skills through using these bee tracing and cutting free printable pages with your child to support their learning. Keep reading for ideas of how to use these printable pages to help your child develop their fine motor skills.

* Please note all play and learning activities in the blog post are completed with adult supervision. Small parts recommended for ages 3+. Always supervise your child when using scissors.

How to use the bee tracing and cutting free printable:

Practice is a really important part of developing the ability to write and cut with scissors. Providing your child with lots of fun ways to work on tracing and cutting, will help them build up their confidence and improve their skills too.

For Miss 5, giving her opportunities to work on developing her fine motor skills through a range of tracing and cutting activities that use her current interests, has been key to helping her learn in a playful way, while having fun.

If your child is not interested in tracing or cutting with these printables, I would not try to make them, instead offer these as an invitation, by leaving on a table etc., or sit down with them and show how to trace yourself, or find something they are interested in instead.

Some examples might be:

  • Working on cutting skills by cutting the grass outside with scissors (closely supervised by an adult).

  • Making playdough snakes and cutting them with playdough scissors.

  • Tracing chalk lines outside on the concrete (draw some for them to trace).

  • Painting over chalk lines with a paint brush and water.

  • Using different implements to create lines in the sandpit

  • Drawing with chalk outside and using a spray bottle to spray the drawing away.

There are many possibilities for hands on learning in a fun way. Start with your child's interests and if they aren't ready yet, try offering again at a later stage.

Bee themed free printable cutting pages for scissor practice for children
Bee themed cutting pages are perfect for Spring themed play invitations.

Here are some of the ways that we have used these pages so far at home.

Trace the lines

Using a range of different materials to make this interesting - crayons, textas, chalk, pastels, grey lead pencil etc. Put the pages into a reusable pocket and trace with a whiteboard marker.

Cutting the lines or pictures out

Miss 5 chose to cut some lines and some she cut out the bee pictures. She concentrated hard to cut out the shapes with the bee pictures on the first page.

Use with dot markers

The pages of these fine motor printables with the lines and shapes are fun to use with dot markers. Children will work on their hand eye coordination, while working on forming lines from left to right. We bought our dot markers from The Creative Toy Shop. They are available online from many different stores.

Free bee themed fine motor printable with dot markers for children.
Dotting along the lines with a dot marker is a fun idea.

Use with water colour paints

The printable fine motor pages can also be used with water colour paints. Here Miss 5 first painted the lines around the shapes and then she decided to paint the whole inside of the shapes. She also cut out some of the shapes with her scissors.

How to set up as a invitation:

  • Print off a few pages

  • Add to a table with a water colour pallete or crayons

  • Leave for your child to explore in their own way.

  • Let go of your expectations for these to be used a certain way, rather allow for your child's creativity.

Water colour paints and kitpas crayons with bee themed free fine motor printables.
Water colour paints are another fun way to use the tracing sheets.

Download your copy now by clicking the link below:

Freebie: Buzzy Bee Tracing and Cutting Free Printable:

UPDATED Buzzy Bee Tracing and Cutting Pages Bb
Download PDF • 922KB

UPDATE - scissors clipart removed to make the images more open ended. Extra shape page added.

I would love to hear how you used these tracing and cutting pages at home or in your early learning setting/school. Please comment below, send me an email or tag me on Instagram @our.playful.learning.journey

Let me know in the comments below if you are enjoying these free printable resources and if there is a theme you would like me to make for next time.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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free bee tracing and cutting pages for kids to develop their fine motor skills


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