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Wondering About the Weather: An Invitation to Play and Explore Using Our Weather Cards.

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

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Weather themed invitation to play and learn for kids using Grimms weather set and Grimms rainbow with free weather printable cards.
A weather themed invitation to play and learn

What's the weather today?

This is always a favourite question to ask in our house and both girls enjoy looking out the window to see.

They also enjoy changing our weather chart and talking about the changes that happen during the day e.g. now it is rainy, but before it was sunny.

To build on this interest I created a couple of weather themed resources to support their learning in a playful way.

Weather Themed Invitation to Play

This was a fun little set up that encouraged some playful learning about the weather.

This could be set up using whatever weather themed pieces you have already. You could also make some weather themed pieces from cardboard using paint pens or paint and get the children to help e.g. a sun, clouds, lightning bolt.

As part of this invitation I used:

  • Grimms rainbows (one is plenty)

  • Grimms weather set (fantastic for exploring the weather through play)

  • Weather cards (VIP free download)

  • Loose parts - cotton wool balls, Bauspiel lucite cubes, little gemstones in blue and clear from Pickwick and Spout.

Extend on this invitation by adding a clipboard with some paper and some pencils/crayons to encourage children to draw their own weather symbols and write the words.

Free weather cards for kids with loose parts as a weather themed invitation to play.
The weather cards prompted discussion about the different types of weather.

Both Miss 3 and Miss 6 enjoyed looking through the weather cards that I made for them. Miss 6 told me that the picture I had chosen for windy looked like a tornado, so I ended up changing the picture. It is a great that they are able to give me feedback like this to help make these resources better for everyone.

Examples of how the loose parts might be used to show the weather:


free weather cards for kids - sunny card with Grimms sun from the Grimms weather set


Free weather cards for kids - rainy card with loose parts as part of a weather themed invitation to play for kids


Free weather cards for kids with stormy weather card shown with loose parts as an invitation to play for kids


Free weather cards for kids. Snowy weather card with loose parts including Grimms weather set as an invitation to play for kids.

I am sure that your little learners will come up with all kinds of imaginative play and ideas when presented with a range of loose parts to create the weather.

Weather themed tracing and cutting printable pages

This printable has a range of cutting and tracing pages that vary in difficulty. There are easier weather themed pages for those children just learning to use scissors and cut in short lines, all the way up to curved lines and cutting out shapes.

Print what you need now and save the rest as your child/ren improve in their skills.

The page with the straight lines shown below can be cut apart into strips to make it easier for children to cut. It also helps to tape one end of the strip to the table to support beginners to cut along the lines.

Weather themed invitation to play and learn for kids. Free weather cards and weather themed tracing and cutting printables for kids.
The weather themed cutting pages were lots of fun!

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Thank you for reading this weeks blog post about the weather. I hope you found some inspiration and enjoy using these printables with your own child/ren.

If you enjoy using these printables please tag me on Instagram @our.playful.learning.journey

Until next time ... have fun learning in a playful way!

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Weather themed invitation to play for kids using the Grimms weather set


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