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11 Fun Spring Themed Play Ideas

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Hooray for the arrival of Spring! We are excited for the warmer weather and more sunny days to play. Keep reading to see some fun Spring themed play ideas.

Spring themed invitation to play for kids. Grimms rainbow, Millie-Mae spring book and bug figurines set up for play.
Spring is here! A Spring Themed Garden Invitation

Welcome to this week's blog post - all about Spring play! We love play invitations that use flowers, bugs and butterflies. I have included lots of photos in this blog post of the fun things we have done to celebrate the arrival of Spring in the past.

PS: Keep reading to the end to find out how to get your free Spring garden themed tracing and cutting printable.

*Important* - These play ideas are suggested for children ages 3+ as they contain small parts which are a choking hazard. All play ideas were supervised by an adult.

Spring Themed Invitation to Play

Spring themed invitation to play for kids using CollectA bugs and flower figurines.
Bugs and flowers make a fun invitation!

For this little Spring themed table invitation to play I used:

  • Fake grass table runner

  • Flower and bug figurines

  • A Grimms pastel rainbow

  • Millie-Mae in Spring book

  • Small world props e.g. rocks, mossy pebbles, greenery

This was a fun way to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Small world play is always well enjoyed, especially by Miss 3.

Spring Themed Grapat Nin Dress-ups

Grapat Nins dressed up in Spring costumes in front of a Grimms rainbow.
Dressing up our Grapat Nins was a fun way to celebrate Spring.

This was a fun little play idea where we dressed up our Grapat Nins using felt pieces and rubber bands. We had bought a pack of felt shapes from a discount store and used these plus some adhesive rhinestones to decorate them. Felt pieces could be used to cut out your own shapes. A pipe cleaner made some cute little antennae for the butterfly.

The dressed up little Nins then had a Spring parade.

This idea to dress up the Nins was inspired by @cardboardfolk on Instagram.

Spring Themed DIY Playdough Stampers

DIY playdough stampers for kids as part of Spring themed invitation to play
DIY Spring themed stampers are fun to use with playdough!

Another simple play idea and easy DIY project. I made some DIY playdough stampers using some little plywood cutouts from Kmart (most craft stores sell these). I hot glued them onto some cardboard circles and some wooden rings to make some Spring themed playdough stampers. These work well glued onto wood cookies too.

For a quick and easy invitation to play the playdough stampers can be set out with some pretty coloured playdough.

Spring Seasonal Display

Grapat perpetual calendar set up for Spring with Two Little Ducklings weather and seasons flash cards.
Bringing inside items from nature is a fun way to mark the new season.

Another way we celebrate the new season is by decorating our seasonal and calendar display.

Here we used our Grapat perpetual calendar with some leaves and flowers that the girls had collected. The days of the week and season cards by Two Little Ducklings work really well with this calendar to track the day of the week, month and season.

Any items that you already have or collect from nature can be used to set up a seasonal display.

Spring seasonal display for kids and children using the Grapat perpetual calendar and two little ducklings weather and season flashcards.

Beautiful Butterfly Playdough

Butterfly and playdough invitation to play for kids. Spring themed invitation to play.
Butterflies and playdough made a fun invitation to play.

Another fun Spring themed play idea - butterflies and playdough.

Here we used:

  • Playdough

  • Butterflies - Wild Republic Nature Tube

  • Flowers - Flower toob from MiniZoo

  • Playdough stampers and rollers

Rose Petal Playdough

Playdough play for kids using homemade pink playdough and rose petals.
Rose petals make a pretty addition to playdough play.

This is a fun play idea for when the roses bloom! We used dried rose petals mixed in with some homemade pink playdough.

I set up this invitation to play with some butterfly playdough cutters from Kinfolk Pantry, some crystals and some wooden heart beads from Kmart.

Lots of fun was had cutting the rose petals with scissors, mixing them through the playdough, cutting out butterflies, decorating them and then making an outfit for a hippopotamus figurine.

Butterfly Sensory Play Tray

Butterfly sensory play tray for kids using chickpeas and buttefly figurines.
Chickpeas are a fun sensory tray filler.

This was a quick and easy butterfly themed sensory tray.

We used:

  • Chickpeas and coloured bead mix

  • Scoops

  • Bowls

  • Butterflies - Wild Republic Nature Tube

  • Some green leaf coasters from Kmart

This sensory play tray was well enjoyed - lots of scooping, pouring and playing with the butterflies.

You may also like this blog post: How to Create an Easy Sensory Tray

Potion Making Using Flower Petals

Potion making kit from Little Potion Co for kids play.
Pretty fizzy flowery potion making fun!

This was another fun play idea using flower petals. We collected some flower petals from Nan's garden and used them in some pretty potions.

This potion making was done using a potion kit from Little Potion Co. It was one of their mini kits. The girls enjoyed mixing and watching their potions fix.

For more potion play ideas you may like this blog post: Magical Potion Mixing: Fun outside play idea for kids

Spring Themed Invitation to Play

Big book of bugs as part of playdough buttefly invitation to play for kids.
A butterfly themed invitation to play.

The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer is a fantastic book for learning lots about all kinds of creepy crawlies and butterflies too! Here we used the book and some playdough for another Spring themed invitation to play.

The playdough became a little garden for the butterflies.

Pet Rock - Hide and Find in the Garden

Hide and find is a fun outside game to play.

This is a fun outside play idea - hide and find in the backyard. This could also be played a the park if you don't have a backyard.

We used some googly eyes and a large rock to make a pet rock. We then took turns hiding it around the garden for the other person to find. This is a fun and easy way to get some sunshine and some outside time.


A Spring Themed Freebie

Free printable Spring themed cutting pages for kids
Free Spring themed cutting pages with lots of different options.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring I have put together a garden themed cutting and tracing printable for our VIP email list subscribers.

There are a range of different garden themed cutting and tracing pages that can be printed and used as part of an invitation for your child/students.

Current email subscribers can download your copy from the VIP Free Playful Library now using the password sent in your welcome email.

You can join our email list on the bottom of this page or on the home page if you would like a copy of this free printable + access to the free playful VIP library.


Spring Play Ideas

Thank you for reading this blog post.

I hope you found some inspiration for some Spring themed play.

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Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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