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Rainbow Collage Craft For Kids

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

A fun and easy to make rainbow craft that looks beautiful too!

Easy rainbow collage craft for kids
Create a beautiful rainbow using collage pieces.

This rainbow craft was a lot of fun. Miss 3 asked to make one after seeing the one that her sister made at school. I have also seen this beautiful rainbow collage idea on Art Bar on Pinterest.

Miss 3 had the best time making this and proudly hung it on her wall in her room. Miss 6 made another rainbow too after seeing her sister's. Keep reading to see how we made our rainbows.

⭐️This craft idea is recommended for ages 3+. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors and glue.

Rainbow Collage Craft 🌈🎨

You will need:

  • Recycled cardboard

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick or pva glue

  • Collage pieces in a range of colours and textures e.g. patterned paper, plain coloured paper, feathers, glitter paper, pom poms, ribbon etc.

How to make your rainbow:

  1. Draw a rainbow shape onto a piece of recycled cardboard.

  2. Cut out a rainbow shape from the cardboard (best if an adult does this step).

  3. Gather a range of collage materials in all the colours of the rainbow.

  4. Glue along the top arc of the rainbow and start with red collage pieces completing the first arc (or whatever colour you would like to pick).

  5. Continue on applying glue to the next arc and orange collage pieces.

  6. Continue this until all the rainbow arcs are finished.

  7. Leave your masterpiece to dry.

Easy rainbow craft collage for kids
Different textures and patterns add interest to the rainbow.

Rainbow Collage Box

An easy way to keep your rainbow coloured collage materials sorted for next time is to use a divided storage container to separate the pieces by collage.

That is what I did with our leftover pieces, which will make it easier to do some rainbow collage next time.

Easy rainbow collage craft for kids + organised collage pieces in a storage container.
A divided storage box is a great way to organise collage materials.


Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you found some inspiration for getting creative today! I hope you enjoy making a beautiful collage rainbow 🌈

Remember you can use any craft materials that you already have a home. Your child may want to get extra creative and use their own colours instead of rainbow order. There are lots of possibilities!

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

For more play and learning ideas visit the homepage.

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rainbow collaage craft for kids


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