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Rainbow Collage Tealight Jars Craft Idea for Kids

Such a fun and colourful collage craft project to make that looks beautiful too!

Easy Kids craft project to do at home - rainbow collage tealight jars
These jars are easy to make and look pretty too!

This was a fun rainbow collage craft project that we made using recycled jars! Both girls enjoyed decorating their jars. They also love to turn their little tea light candles on of an evening time to light up the dinner table.

These could also be used as a gratitude jar - filling with notes of gratitude inside instead of a candle, or as a pencil holder etc. Lots of potential!

* Warning - Important: This project was completed with adult supervision. Adult supervision is recommended. Activity recommended for ages 3+. Please be careful when using glass jars. You may wish to use a recycled plastic jar instead. Always supervise the use of battery operated candles as they are not a toy.

These jars are for decoration purposes only - not to be used for play as a toy.

How to make your own rainbow collage tealight jars

You will need:

  • Empty jar/s

  • Tissue paper pieces - can be roughly torn or cut, or use circles like we did

  • PVA glue

  • Art tray or piece of cardboard to put underneath

  • Paint brushes

  • Extra embellishments e.g. buttons (optional)

What to do:

  1. Gather the needed supplies.

  2. Put down the art tray or piece of cardboard to glue on.

  3. Coat the outside of the jar with PVA glue.

  4. Stick the pieces of tissue paper to the jar.

  5. Add top coat of PVA over the top of the tissue paper to make sure it is all stuck down.

  6. Add buttons etc. to the outside of the jar to decorate. (optional step).

  7. Leave to dry overnight.

  8. Add in a tealight candle (battery powered) to make your tealight jar light up or use as a gratitude jar!

Easy kids craft rainbow collage jars
Coat the jars with PVA glue and stick on the pieces of collage paper.

Opportunities For Learning:

  • Creativity - Deciding what coloured pieces of tissue paper to put where on the jar. Choosing whether to add buttons etc.

  • Critical thinking - How can we make sure that all the pieces stick down?

  • Fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination - picking up the small pieces and gluing them to the jar.

  • Concentration and patience.

Easy kids craft idea -rainbow tealight jars
Use an art tray or cardboard underneath to contain the mess.


I hope you found some inspiration for your next craft project. Spending time creating together, is such a special way to connect with your child while making memories!

To encourage kindness you could make some rainbow collage tealight jars to give to other people. Share the love with others! These would make such a pretty and unique gift.

Until next time, have fun learning in playful way!

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