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Printable Flower Cutouts For Play and Learning

The perfect long lasting flowers for counting, sorting, patterning and so much more!

Play idea for kids using Connetix magnetic tiles, lucite cubes and printable flowers
These pretty printable flowers are perfect for play!

These printable flowers are the perfect solution for when you don't have any fresh or pressed flowers available. Not only are the pretty, they also open up many possibilities for play and learning through play! My girls have enjoyed using them in a range of ways so far.

*These play ideas contain small parts which are a choking hazard for small children. They are recommended for children ages 3+. Please always supervise all play.

Read on to find out how we have used these beautiful flowers and to find out how to get your own FREE copy...

Small World Play with Magnetic Tiles

Play idea for kids using Connetix magnetic tiles, Grapat Nins and printable flowers
Invitation to play using the flowers.

A fun and pretty way to play with the flower cutouts, is to use them for small world play! Here we used our clear Connetix magnetic tiles to make a flowery small world backdrop (inspired by @playinginstyle and on Instagram who both used pressed flowers between clear magnetic tiles).

Connetix magnetic tiles play idea for kids using magnetic tiles for a small world play.
Flowery small world play

The flower were also used to make pretty flower houses and stepping stones for the Grapat Nins.

Connetix magnetic tiles and flowers for children play idea

This small world looked so beautiful in the sunlight and the flowers added an extra special touch.

Connetix magnetic tiles used for small world play for kids with Grapat Nins and Grapat Fancy Nins
Small world play with the Grapat Nins

Sorting the Flowers

The different types of flowers offer multiple opportunities for sorting, which is an important early mathematical skill to develop. It allows children to observe how things are similar and different and work on their problem solving skills.

Some ways the flowers can be sorted:

  • By type

  • By colour

  • By size e.g. small, big

  • Order by size from smallest to biggest (print out the flowers at different sizes).

Free printable flowers for kids for play and learning
Sorting the flowers into groups

Making Patterns

Another fun way these printable flowers can be used is for making patterns. Simple print a range of the different flowers and enjoy pattern making. You can set up some examples for your child or just leave them for them to explore themselves.

Free printable flowers for kids for play and learning and making patterns.
Making a range of different patterns using the flowers.

For Counting Numbers to 10

Add in some number cards or discs, a dice or tens frame to encourage counting with the flower cutouts.

Free printable flowers for kids for counting numbers to 10.
Counting numbers to 10

Addition and Subtraction

Using the flower cutouts and some dice is a fun way to work on addition and subtraction.

Addition - Using 1 or 2 dice, roll and add the two numbers together. Use the flowers to work out the answer.

Subtraction - Fill a tens frame with the flowers. Roll the dice and subtract the number. How many flowers are left?

free printable flower cutouts for play and learning for kids. Adding two numbers together.
The flowers can bu used for adding and subtracting too!

Flower Playdough Invitation

A fun play idea using the flower cutouts that is also a great way to work on developing hand strength and fine motor skills.

playdough flowers play idea for kids using free printable flowers
Pretty playdough flowers using the printable

We used:

  • The flower cutouts

  • Green playdough

  • Rolling pin

  • Playdough scissors (normal scissors would work too)

Ways to play:

  1. Roll stems using the green playdough.

  2. Add the flower cutouts on the top.

  3. Once you have made a garden you can use the scissors to practice cutting the stems!

Free printable flower cutouts for kids for play and learning. Playdough invitation to play. Make flowers.
Playdough makes great stems for the flowers!

Cutting the playdough stems into pieces is great cutting practice!

Free printable flower cutouts for kids. Playdough invitation to play for kids. Make pretend flowers and cut the playdough stems with playdough scissors.
Using playdough scissors to cut the flower stems


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Making flower with playdough and the number leaves.


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Play idea for kids using Connetix magnetic tiles, lucite cubes and printable flowers
These pretty printable flowers are perfect for play!

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Free printble flowers for kids for play and learning

Free printable flowers for kids for play and learning


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