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Magical Potion Mixing: Fun outside play idea for kids

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

A fun and magical way to play outside without worrying about making lots of mess and no need for a mud kitchen or fancy equipment.

Welcome to this week's blog post about some recent outdoor potion play we did after Miss 5 was given some potion making fizzes for Christmas. This is a really fun way to play outside, that does not need special equipment or toys, rather whatever you can find in your backyard and some water.

Outside potion play for kids using old kitchen items
Backyard potion making using old kitchen items

Potion mixing is a fun and enjoyable way to spend some time outside in the fresh air. Read on to find out what we used and the learning that was happening through play.

*Please note: This play activity was supervised by an adult and is recommended for children aged 3+ as it included small parts. Always supervise your child when playing with water. Please follow directions on packaging if purchasing potion making kits.

What we used for our potion making

Here is a list of what we used:

  • Water

  • Something to pour the water into the potions in (We used our Scrunch watering can, but any container will do).

  • Fizzy potion kits (optional). The blue calm fairy dust was from The Little Potion Co., The Play Fizz was purchased from Wild Mountain Child. Alternatively, you can make your own at home or you can just use coloured water or plain water.

  • Pots, cups, containers, anything you already have.

  • Scoop or spoon for stirring

  • Items from nature (optional) e.g. leaves, flowers, sand etc.

Potion making for kids using water, leaves, flowers and potion kits.
Leaves, flowers and water are great ingredients for potion making

Learning in a playful way

Potion making is lots of fun, but important learning is also happening, such as:

  • Creativity - choosing what to add to the potion

  • Imagination

  • Concepts of capacity- full, empty

  • Measurement

  • Science - mixing ingredients together and observing what happens

  • Vocabulary - mix, stir, mixture, potion, pour, fizz etc.

  • Mindful play - time outdoors is calming and beneficial for your child's health and wellbeing.

  • Fun and enjoyment in playing and so much more ...

Keep it simple

Potion making is such a fun and easy play idea. Children love using their imagination when making their potions and collecting all kinds of ingredients from the backyard and garden. Grass, leaves, flowers and water can be used for creating magical potions again and again. No expensive equipment needed. Potions can even be made on the ground with some old kitchen items.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried creating magical potions with your child/ren. Subscribe to our email list for the latest blog updates and free resources.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way xx

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Nature potion mixing fun outside play idea for kids blog post


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