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DIY Heart Window Suncatchers for Kids

A beautiful way to use some treasures from nature is to make a window suncatcher!

DIY heart window suncatcher for kids using leaf cutouts and bio glitter
These hearts look so pretty on the window!

After collecting some beautiful red coloured leaves on a walk/bike ride we decided to punch out some hearts and turn them into a heart window suncatcher! Here is how we did it ...

Instructions for making the DIY Heart Window Suncatchers for Kids

*This craft was supervised and supported by an adult. Always supervise scissor use. Idea for ages 3+

We used:

  • Leaves collected on a walk

  • Heart & circle paper punches

  • Cardboard

  • Bio glitter & dried rose petals from Gus & Mabel Co

  • Clear contact paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Glue stick

Diy window suncatcher craft for kids using leaves and heart craft punches.
Cutting out leaves is a great fine motor workout!

What to do:

  1. Gather your leaves and using the hole punches cut out the hearts and circles. Your child may need help to do this.

  2. Draw a heart shape from cardboard and cut it out. Cut out the centre of the heart leaving a 1.5-2cm outline. (The easiest way to do this is to fold your heart shape in half and cut it while folded -see photos below.)

  3. Roll out the contact paper and trace around the outside of your cardboard heart. Make two of these hearts. Cut them out.

  4. Stick the contact paper to one side of the cardboard heart cutout.

  5. With the sticky side facing up stick the hearts, cut out leaves, mini circles, bio glitter and any other treasures you like onto the contact paper.

  6. Stick the second contact paper heart on top to seal everything inside.

  7. Add a small amount of glue stick onto the heart and stick it to a window. (you may need to patch test first)

Click the arrow to see how we made the heart shape.

Folding the paper made cutting the heart shape easy!

DIY heart window suncatchers for kids craft idea
The finished hearts ready to go on the window.


These DIY heart window suncatchers for kids were a fun craft project that looks pretty on the window too!

Kids love to collect treasures from nature while out on a walk or in their own backyard. You could even dry your own flowers to add to a suncatcher. There are many possibilities. Your children may just enjoy making heart shapes from the leaves.

I hope you found some inspiration today.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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DIY heart windown suncatchers for kids craft project


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