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Simple Heart Themed Play Ideas

Two simple, but effective play invitations + 3 free printable heart and rainbow mindfulness colouring pages

Heart themed Chickpea sensory play tray for kids
Heart themed sensory play

Welcome to a heart themed blog post! We have had fun over the last week or so with some heart/love themed play as we are approaching Valentine's Day next week.

These are a couple of simple play ideas that are engaging + a free mindfulness colouring too! These ideas could be easily adapted using what you already have.

* Important: Please note these play ideas are recommended for children ages 3+ as they contain small parts which are choking hazard. All play was supervised by an adult.

Heart Chickpea Sensory Tray

Heart themed sensory play tray for kids
The chickpeas are great for scooping and pouring

This was a simple heart themed sensory play tray that was revisited many times throughout the week as I left it set up for the girls to come back to.

We used:

  • Chickpeas uncoloured

  • Felt hearts

  • Wooden heart beads

  • Pink acrylic crystals

  • Heart ice cube tray

  • Scoops and tongs

  • Grapat pink and red nesting bowls

I put a large tray underneath to contain most of the mess, which mostly worked. Any chickpeas that escaped were easy to clean up.

Lots of fun was had making pretend cooking

The chickpeas in the bowls ended up being used in the play kitchen for pretend food.

The chickpeas were fun in the play kitchen too!

Pink Heart Playdough Play

Heart themed playdough invitation to play for kids
A simple playdough invitation to play

This was a very simple invitation to play using:

  • Pink playdough

  • Wooden heart beads (from Kmart)

  • Pink gemstones

  • Playdough scissors

  • Heart ice cube tray

Heart themed playdough play idea for kids
Playdough play is great for developing hand strength

Miss 3 ended up more interested in rolling the playdough, cutting it and trying to make balls with it.

Free Heart & Rainbow Mindfulness Colouring Pages

To carry on with the heart theme we have had this week, I created three different heart/rainbow themed colouring pages to use for some quiet mindfulness time.

Download and print to colour or paint. Add in pencils, textas, crayons or watercolour paint.

You could even print a copy for yourself too, put on some quiet relaxing music and enjoy some time colouring with your child. Mindfulness colouring is great for adults and children too!

Free printable heart and rainbow themed colouring pages for kids
Heart and rainbow themed colouring pages

Click here to download your free heart/rainbow themed colouring pages:

Heart & rainbow mindfulness colouring pages
Download PDF • 3.16MB


Thank you for reading this blog post!

I hope you found some inspiration for some heart themed play or take some time to enjoy some mindfulness colouring.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

For more play and learning ideas visit the homepage now.

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Simple heart themed play ideas for kids


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