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Transport Tracing and Cutting Printable

Is your little one learning to use scissors? Try these fun & free transport themed printable cutting and tracing strips to help your child improve their scissor skills!

Transport tracing and cutting printable strips for kids cutting practice with scissors
The transport tracing and cutting strips all ready to go!

Learning to use scissors to cut is an exciting time for a child! Once they start working on mastering the skill of using scissors you may find them trying to cut anything and everything.

If you are looking for a way to help your child with this new found interest this transport tracing and cutting printable is the perfect resource.

This free printable has a range of tracing/cutting strips and pages of different levels of difficulty.

*Important safety - children should be closely supervised when using scissors, as they are sharp. Please note this activity was supervised by an adult. You can start your child with safety scissors to begin with, which are a lot less sharp and can only cut paper.

Free printable transport cutting strips for kids
Different levels of difficulty are included in the printable.

Miss 4 has had a wonderful time cutting these transport themed cutting strips! She started with the easiest ones that only need short straight vertical cuts through and moved onto the cutting strips with longer straight horizontal lines.

Miss 7 enjoyed the pages with shapes and the zigzag lines.

The last page can be used to create some stick puppets. Cut out the different transport pictures and stick to a pop stick or use to create a collage picture. Draw a road and backdrop and glue on the car, truck etc.

These could also be cut out and stuck to blocks to make pretend vehicles.

What is included in this printable:

  • Picture strips - Cut the page apart into strips for your child/students to cut straight through the lines in a small straight cut. These are the easiest cutting pages in the pdf. These little square transport pictures are great for gluing and creating artworks after they have been cut up.

  • Straight line strips - cut along the line

  • Curved lines

  • Zigzag lines

  • Cut out the shapes

  • Transport picture page - cut out and use to make puppets, or a picture.

Tip for beginners:

For those children who are just learning to cut use tape to stick one end of the strips to the table. This makes it easier for little ones to cut as they don't have to worry about holding the strip as well. Instead they can use one hand to hold the end of the paper, while the other hand is cutting with the scissors.

transport Cutting printaable strips for kids taped to the table for cutting practice with scissors.
Taping strips to the table is a great support for beginners.

How to get your free copy of these transport cutting and tracing printable pages ...

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I hope you enjoy using this printable!

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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