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Fruit Themed Patterning Cards For Kids + a Scissor Cutting Skills Printable too!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Invite your child to work on their cutting & tracing skills and learn about patterns with these two fun fruity VIP printables.

Free printable patterning cards for kids using fruit counters.
Fruit themed patterning cards making learning maths fun!

Welcome to this weeks blog post! We have been having some fun learning in a playful way with these two free printables.

Keep reading to find out how you can use these printables with your child or those you work with to help support their learning.

* Please note all play and learning was supervised by an adult. Small items, such as the fruit counters and sensory play tray are recommended for children age 3+ as they are a choking hazard.

Using Fruit Counters to Support Early Learning

Using concrete materials, such as counters is a great way to add in some playfulness to learning!

These fruit counters are great for all kinds of maths learning such as:

  • Colour sorting

  • Matching

  • Counting

  • Grouping

  • Patterns

They are also great for all kinds of play, such as sensory and imaginative play.

I bought our fruit counters from Officeworks, but they are also available at many other places. If you would like to support a small family business Rata and Roo stock them too. I have bought our bug counters from them before (not an affliate link), just like supporting small businesses.

*You don't need these fruit counters to use these printables. I have made them be able to be used without them too. A page with printable fruit pictures is included in the file too!

Fruit Themed Cutting & Tracing Pages

There are a few different options included in this printable to cater for a range of skills, from single cut picture strips, straight lines, curves, wavy, zig-zag, shapes, and free cutting practice with fruit pictures.

Fruit themed free tracing and cutting pages for kids.
These fruit themed cutting pages are a fun way to work on cutting and tracing skills.

Here Miss 3 was using the cutting strips to cut apart the fruit. She started matching some of the fruit counters to the pictures, which gave me the idea to create some patterning cards.

This is a free printable in the VIP Playful Library

- see below for how to get your copy.

This printable can be used to learn to trace the pre-writing lines or use the pages for cutting practice. Lots of possibilities for learning in a playful way!

Print the pages that best fit your child/children at the moment.

Fruit Themed Pattern Cards

These pattern cards can be used with or without the fruit counters. I have included printable fruit pictures on the last page that are also great to use instead of the counters.

There are a range of difficulty levels included, starting from strips where you match the fruit pictures, to ones where you finish the patterns.

Free printable patterning cards for kids for learning early maths using fruit counters.
These fruit pattern cards are fun to use for pattern making.

Free printable pattern cards for kids
Fruit picture cards are included in the printable

There are different types of patterns included too, such as AB patterns where there are only two repeating elements e.g. strawberry, grapes, strawberry grapes. Other patterns include ABC, AAB, ABB, ABBA.

Early maths fruit themed pattern cards for kids using fruit counters free printable
Matching the fruit and then continuing the pattern

Free printable fruit pattern cards for kids
Set up as an invitation to explore patterns.

These fruit pattern strips can be cut apart or used as a full page, whichever suits your child best. We have done some of both strips and full page too.

Fun Play Idea - Fruity Fun Sensory Tray

Another fun way to play with the fruit counters - create a sensory tray!

Sensory play tray for kids using coloured chickpeas, fruit counters and Grapat nest bowls.
Fruit sensory play tray with coloured chickpeas.

For this simple tray we used:

  • Fruit counters

  • Grapat nesting bowls - great for colour sorting and filling.

  • Scoops and spoons

  • Coloured chickpeas - made using food colouring

  • Rudie Nudie mat underneath to catch any spills/mess. An old sheet works just as well for dry sensory bases.

  • Large white play/art tray to provide an area to scoop and pour the chickpeas.

Fruit and chickpea sensory play tray for kids.
Lots of fun was had playing with this tray!

This tray was really enjoyed for colour matching, scooping and pouring and making pretend fruit treats.


How to download these VIP FREE Playful Printables:

These fruit themed cutting pages and patterning pages can be downloaded now in the VIP Free Playful Library, which can be found on the main menu.

For our email list subscribers:

Click on the VIP Free Playful Library on the main menu

and enter the password found in both the welcome email & each new blog post email into the box (tip - get your device to save the password to save you entering it each time).

For those who are new to the blog:

Sign up to the email list below to access these free printable mats and more.

The password to the VIP area is included in the welcome email.

Let me know if you enjoy using either of these printables.

I would love to know if you find them useful!

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

For more play and learning ideas visit the homepage now.

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Fruit themed pattern card printable for kids freebie


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