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Yellow Loose Parts Play - A Fun and Cheerful Playdough Invitation

An easy and playful learning idea this week about the colour yellow and feelings too!

Yellow themed invitation to play with playdough and loose parts for kids after reading the book Colour me happy
Exploring the colour yellow after reading the book Colour Me Happy

An Invitation to Play

This was a fun little yellow themed playdough invitation to play for my girls.

We have been reading the book ‘Colour Me Happy’ by Shen Roddie and Ben Cort, a lot lately because Miss 2.5 loves it. Miss 6 enjoys it too. It talks about different feelings and gives each one a colour. It has been a good resource to talk about feelings with both the girls and has the most beautiful glittery illustrations 💛 (not sure if you can buy this version anymore).

I originally bought this book to use in my classroom years ago, and the children enjoyed it too. In class we read the book, discussing each feeling and what was happening in the picture. Afterwards the students each chose a colour and drew colour pictures to match one of the feelings in the book.

Some of the feelings in the book are:

  • Sunny

  • Funny

  • Jealous

  • Brave

  • Angry

  • Sad

  • Lonely

  • Bored

  • Dreamy

  • Happy

Yellow Loose Parts

I put out some of our yellow loose parts for the girls to use with the playdough.

These included yellow:

💛 Bauspiel lucite cubes

💛 Grapat nesting bowl

💛 Grapat rings

💛 CollectA bee and butterfly figurines

💛 Tactile shells (Edex brand)

💛 Grapat nesting rings

💛 Grimms friends and Grapat Nins

💛 Grimms yellow pebble and heart

💛 Bauspiel window block

This could be set up using any yellow loose parts you have already e.g. buttons, pom poms, pop sticks, feathers, flowers etc. There is no need to buy expensive toys or extra loose parts.

* Important - all play was supervised by an adult. Small parts are recommended for ages 3+ as they are a choking hazard.

Miss 6 told me that the playdough should have been yellow too, but we were just using what we had. If you wanted to make this really yellow themed, you could use yellow playdough too. By using our plain coloured playdough, we can easily change the colour theme next time by adding in different coloured loose parts.

A colour themed invitation to play for kids. Yellow loose parts, playdough and the book colour me happy as a fun play and learning idea for children.
A yellow invitation to play with loose parts

How was this played with?

There was stamping, squashing, rolling, using the loose parts to decorate the playdough, snipping with the playdough scissors and a biscuit snack too (for afternoon tea) 💛🌼 A great fine motor work out, in a fun way. Playdough is fantastic for this! 🙌

Yellow loose parts, playdough and playdough scissors. A fun play idea for kids
Playdough scissors are a fun way to practice cutting!

Learning happening here:

  • Discussion about feelings - what makes you feel happy?

  • Learning to recognise and name the colour yellow.

  • Exploring making prints on the playdough.

  • Developing hand strength modelling the playdough.

  • Social skills - taking turns when playing with another person.

  • Developing fine motor skills, through picking up and using the small loose parts and using the playdough scissors.

  • Creative thinking - how can I play with the playdough? What can I use these loose parts for?

  • Lots of relaxing fun playing.

  • Plus so much more ...

Yellow themed playdough invitation to play for kids with yellow loose parts.
Playtime included an afternoon snack too!

Yellow is such a happy colour 💛🌼⭐️ Do you agree?

Yellow open-ended loose parts play. A playdough invitation for children to play using yellow loose parts (including Grapat and bauspiel lucite cubes) and playdough.
The girls enjoyed playing with the playdough 🌼⭐️

Thank you for reading this blog post!

I hope you found some inspiration to use with your own child/ren or those children that you work with. Playdough is a fantastic tool for strengthening hand muscles and for developing children's fine motor skills. Adding in a book and some colour themed loose parts and there is even more learning happening!

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way! 💕

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