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Colour Matching Activity for Kids - Free VIP Printable

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Just print and add coloured loose parts to play!

free printable colour matching activity for kids
Use these colour match pictures with loose parts

Colour matching is lots of fun! Miss 3.5 is really enjoying colour matching at the moment. I have designed some printables to have some fun while working on this skill.

These are a fun colour matching activity for kids, just print them out and add some loose parts.

Loose parts that would work with these printable pages:

  • Lucite cubes

  • Grapat mandala pieces

  • Coloured buttons

  • Pom poms

  • Coloured glass gemstones

  • Coloured magnetic counters

  • Counters

  • + many other options!

Free printable colour matchty for kids
These colour matching sheets are lots of fun!

What's included in the printable?

Included in the printable is 7 different picture designs with coloured squares + the same 7 pictures with blank squares ready to be coloured in or used with a range of different coloured loose parts for children to make their own designs.

Pictures include: fish, dinosaur, heart, butterfly, icy-poles, truck, and a house.

Free printable colour matching pages for kids with lucite cubes
There are 7 different pictures to colour match.

Here are some ideas for using the printable

colour matching activity pages for kids:

Use with Reusable Clear Letter Files from Officeworks.

I recently bought a 10 pack of A4 clear letter files to use with our printables after seeing them recommended on @mrslearningbee on Instagram.

It is easy to quickly switch out what is inside, and saves from laminating, while protecting the pages during play.

Free printable colour matching pages for kids with lucite cubes
The reusable pouches work well to keep the pages safe.

Use with Lucite Cubes

I originally designed these printable pages to go with our lucite cubes. The lucite cubes match perfectly in size to the pictures. Our cubes are Bauspiel brand. There are lots of more affordable options to buy lucite cubes now.

Lucite cubes with free printable colour matching pages for kids
Lucite cubes pair perfectly with these printable pages

Use with Coloured Buttons

Coloured buttons work well with the pictures too! Our buttons are from Officeworks and are great for all kinds of play and learning. They are great as an inexpensive loose part.

Free printable butterfly colour sorting activity with buttons for kids.
Buttons work well too!

Free printable for kids colour sorting activity with buttons
Buttons work well with the truck page

Use with Grapat Mandala

These printable pages work well with Grapat mandala. Choose pieces matching the colours needed or use with the blank pages.

Grapat mandala pieces with free printable butterfly colour sorting activity for kids
The Grapat mandala pieces work well too.

Use with Dot Markers, Stamps, Stickers, Collage Materials

The blank pages also work well with art supplies such as dot markers, stamps and dot stickers.

Free printable colour matching pictures for kids with dot stickers and dot markers
Dot stickers and markers work well with the blank squares.

Blank/No Colour Versions

Allow your child to fill in the spaces however they wish!

These pages can be used with a range of different loose parts.

Free printable colour matching activity for kids
There are black and white options included too.

Your child may like to colour in the squares

and make their own colour matching game!

Free printable colour matching activity for kids with lucite cubes
Make your own colour design with the black & white version.

Learning happening in a playful way through using this printable:

  • Colour matching

  • Visual discrimination

  • Developing spatial awareness

  • Developing fine motor skills

  • Working on hand eye coordination

and so much more ...

How do I get my free printable?

Free printable butterfly colour matching activity for kids with coloured lucite cubes

If you would like your own copy of these pages - join the email list to get access to the

FREE VIP Playful Library where this printable + many more are ready to be downloaded now.

Just print to play and learn!

Current email list subscribers

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Thank you for reading this blog post!

Colour matching activities using loose parts are lots of fun.

I hope you enjoy using these pages with your child to inspire playful learning.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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Free printable color matching pictures for kids


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