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9 Fun Ways to Use The Treasures By Jennifer Hundreds Board

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

We really enjoy using our hundreds board in a range of ways, so I have put a few of our ideas here in the one blog post to give you some easy play and learning ideas in the one place ❤️

Tresures from Jennifer Hundreds board filled with loose parts
A hundreds board can be used in a range of fun ways

I bought our Hundreds Board from Reverie Craft a while back. It is Treasures From Jennifer brand. I knew it would be a wonderful resource that would not only get a lot of use, but also grow with my children over the years, as there are many learning and play possibilities. I have put 8 ideas below of ways you can use this brilliant learning tool.

ModPlay Kids also sells an Australian made 100’s board that is a less expensive option. You can easily buy some extras to go with it over time. This would also make a great DIY project as you could make your own and buy the parts to go with it.

Here are some links if you are interested in getting your own hundreds board:

* Please note- these are not affliate links.

Keep reading to find out how we use our hundreds board:

Fill the Board - Fine Motor Workout

This is a really fun way to play with the hundreds board.

You can use any of the following:

- Small wooden balls (ours are QToys brand)

- Poms poms

- Little jewels/gem stones (ours were from Officeworks)

This can be set up with some little bowls of the loose parts for your child to explore or you could create patterns for them to continue.

Treasures From Jennifer Hundreds board filled with loose parts
Fill the board using loose parts

Fill the board - with beads

Another fun way to use the hundreds board is with beads. Here Miss 5 filled in the holes with little wooden beads we bought from Kmart. She counted as far as she could while she filled.

This could also be used for patterning, colour sorting, skip counting using different coloured beads (e.g. 2’s, 5’s, 10’s). There are so many possibilities.

Treasures From Jennifer Hundreds Board filled with beads
Fill the hundreds board using beads

Mindfulness Play

For some beautiful mindfulness play we added in some crystal chips with our hundreds board and tracing board (also Treasures From Jennifer brand) too.

Miss 5 enjoyed colour sorting the crystals using the hundreds board compartments to sort. It was a very calming way to play.

Treasures From Jennifer hundreds board filled with crystal chips
Mindfulness crystal colour sorting fun

Letter Match

You can buy letter sets as an extra add on to the hundreds board. We only recently got ours and haven’t used them a lot yet. They will be used lots in the future once Miss 5 starts learning to read and spell at school.

Here I helped Miss 5 to match up the lowercase and uppercase letters. This was a self-directed and self-chosen activity. Once she had matched up the letters, she found the matching lowercase letters and added them below.

Using letter tiles to match on the treasures for Jennifer 100’s board
Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match

Counting Fruit

Another fun way to use the hundreds board for learning is for counting. The number coins 1-100 can be bought as an add on pack too.

Below we used some fruit counters to match some mixed up numerals with the correct quantity. Our fruit counters were from Officeworks, but lots of places sell them. This could be done with any type of counter or buttons etc. at home or in the classroom.

Using the treasures from Jennifer hundreds board for counting with fruit counters
Count The Fruit

Roll and Count

This little table was set up with some number resources and loose parts as an invitation to count for Miss 5. She decided to roll the die and make the quantities to match using the felt balls that came with the hundreds board. This was a fun way to practice counting small numbers.

You could add in more dice and add the numbers rolled together to make larger numbers.

Invitation to count using a hundreds board
Adding a die/dice for extra learning possibilities

Pattern Making

Another great way to use the hundreds board for some maths learning and play, is by adding in some Grapat mandala pieces.

We played this as a game where I made a pattern and Miss 5 had to finish it. This is a fun way to work on recognising and continuing patterns. You can start with simple patterns and make them more complicated as your child grows in their understanding.

Grapat mandala pieces used for making patterns on the treasures from Jennifer hundreds board
Using Grapat mandala pieces to make patterns

Hundreds Boards as a Game Board

This is another fun way to use the hundreds board. Here Miss 5 and I used the board to play a made up game using a die and our Grapat Lola pieces.

We each started with all our Lola pieces on one side, warm colours vs cool colours. We then took turns rolling the die and moving our Lola figures to the other side. If you made it to the other end of the row first, you got to capture the other persons Lola person. The person at the end with the most Lola pieces won.

This is a fun way to play together and make up your own games and rules.

Using the treasures from Jennifer hundreds board with Grapat Lola to play a game
The hundreds board makes a great game board for playing games

Race to 50

Another fun way to use the hundreds board for learning about counting and number sense through playing a game.

We used the centre line on the board as a marker for 50 holes each and then had a race to see who could get to 50 first. For this game Miss 5 and I took turns rolling our dice and then filling our side of the board with the number rolled. We used our wooden coloured balls that are Qtoys brand. This would also work with the felt poor balls that come with the board. The hundreds board can also be used to race to 100, with your child playing on their own, or working as a team if playing with someone else. This could be set up as a fun invitation to learn in the classroom.

Race to 50 game using the wooden hundreds board and coloured wooden balls
Race to 50 is a fun maths game

I hope you have found an idea or two about how to use the hundreds board with your child or in your classroom.

We have been enjoying finding new ways to use this fantastic resource and I’m sure we will find more ways over time.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite way to play with your hundreds board or if you are thinking of getting one and have some questions.

Happy playful learning ❤️

For more play and learning ideas visit the homepage by clicking the logo above.

* Small items/toys shown in this blog post can be a choking hazard and are recommended for ages 3+. All of the above activities were supervised by an adult.


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