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Printable Mini Play Food: Perfect For Maileg Mice and Dolls House Play!

Updated: Apr 23

Just print and cut out! This is an easy DIY craft project for some fun imaginative play.

DIY printable mini play food for small world play for kids
This mini play food was an easy craft project!

Sometimes you just want something simple and easy to add interest to your child's play ... something like these cute little play food items!

These were super simple to make and added an extra fun element to the kids small world play.

I made up this printable after we made our DIY mini clay food, which has been enjoyed so far. I mentioned in my last blog post that I had a free printable for you.

This is an even easier, mess free way to make some little props for play. Both types of mini food have been enjoyed in small world play so far.

Free printable DIY play food for Maileg mice.
The mice had a lovely meal with all their little food!

I set up our little tree house with the Maileg mice for Miss 6 to play and included the mini printable play food as a surprise for when she came home from school. She really liked it and said that the food was very cute!

She loved giving the big sister a croissant for breakfast, while the mum had eggs on toast

Maileg mice family with mini play food as part of chldren's small world play.
A few little props added extra possibilities for play.

We used some blutac to stick some of milk cartons and drinks to some lucite cubes to help them to stand up. You could use items from around the house to do this if you liked.

*Play idea for children ages 3+. All play was supervised


Free printable mini play food for small world play for kids
Make your own mini food by printing and cutting.

How to make your mini printable play food:

To make our mini play food I printed out pages 6 and 7, which has a smaller version of the food.

I cut out the pictures and then glued them to cardboard from a cardboard box using a normal glue stick. Then I cut them out again.

The cardboard made the food a bit thicker and sturdier for play. You could print onto thin cardboard or laminate it to make the mini food last longer.

There are also bigger sizes on pages 3-5 of the document if you would like larger sized food.

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I hope you enjoy using this free printable to inspire some imaginative play.

Until next time, have fun learning in a playful way!

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